1: DRC Evaluation Policy

In DRC evaluations are more than an end of the project exercise. DRC sees evaluations as a structured exercise that facilitates organisational and programmatic learning, generates and document information on results in areas of strategic relevance. DRC evaluations should always be embedded in the strategic processes of the organisation. The DRC Evaluation Policy gives further guidance on DRC Threshold for Evaluations, responsibilities in regards to the evaluation process and ideas for dissemination and use of evaluation findings.

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ALNAP Guide on using OECD-DAC evaluation criteria

An ALNAP guide for humanitarian agencies in using the OECD DAC criteria for evaluating humanitarian action.

DRC Real Time Review Guidance Note

DRC Real Time Reviews follow a specific process. The guide gives you a quick overview of how to do a Real Time Review using the DRC Approach.

DRC Evaluation Policy

DRC Evaluation Policy


A one page overview of the DRC Minimum Operational Procedures for Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning. The page clarifies actions and responsibilities in relation to the MELMOPs.