3: DRC Evaluation Terms of Reference

Time and effort must be invested in developing an evaluation ToR relevant to what you hope to learn and document from your evaluation. The DRC Evaluation ToR Guideline is to be used when developing ToR for external or internal evaluations or Real Time Reviews. If it is an evaluation that fall under the threshold established in the Evaluation Policy then the ToR should be shared with the M&E Adviser in HQ. The final ToR should be approved by the Country or Regional Director.


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UNEG Quality Checklist for Evaluation TOR

This UNEQ quality checklist for evaluation Terms of Reference serves as a good guideline for the design and conduct of evaluations.

ALNAP Guide on using OECD-DAC evaluation criteria

An ALNAP guide for humanitarian agencies in using the OECD DAC criteria for evaluating humanitarian action.

DRC Example of Evaluation ToR

An example of a DRC Evaluation ToR which can be used for inspiration.

DRC Evaluation ToR Guideline

The DRC Evaluation Terms of Reference Guideline should be used when developing Terms of Reference for external or internal evaluations or Real Time Reviews.

DRC Evaluation / Review Consultancy Contract

An example of an DRC evaluation consultancy contract