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The fourth DRC MEL Minimum Operational Procedure states that: DRC operations share lessons learned and document the use of evaluation findings. In order to comply with this MELMOP you need to ensure that four measures are taken:

  1. At the Annual Review DRC operations should revisit monitoring and evaluation findings and document key lessons learned.
  2. At the Annual Review a Lessons Learned Note is to be filled out. Send it to MEL@drc.dk to enable dissemination across DRC operations
  3. When developing new proposals lessons learned from previous projects and programmes should be used and the usage should be documented.
  4. For external evaluations get the evaluator to fill out the DRC Evaluation Lessons Learned Note and send it to MEL@drc.dk

In the Learning Library you will find all the documents you need to refer to in order to carry out the four measures above. These documents are placed under Relevant DRC MEL Programme Handbook Documents.

Under the remaining headings you will find additional information that can help you share evaluation findings that might be relevant for colleagues in DRC and other humanitarian organisations.

The Operation and Policy Support Division in Copenhagen produces an Evaluation and Learning Brief, which is aimed at sharing lessons learned and findings from research and evaluations. If you have an idea for a topic or  brief send an email to mel@drc.dk. Please see the guideline on the Evaluation and Learning Briefs, which you will find below. All Evaluation and Learning Briefs are available in both hard and soft copies and can be found at drc.dk

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Relevant DRC MEL Programme Handbook Documents

DRC Template for Project Portfolio Review

Template for Project Portfolio Review.

DRC Template for Capturing Lessons Learned From Annual Review

DRC template for Capturing Lessons Learned from Projects and Programmes at the Annual Review.

DRC Guide to Collecting Lessons Learned from Evaluations

The evaluators are to fill out the this template and send it to the Danish Refugee Council M&E Unit in Copenhagen (mel@drc.dk) with the first draft of their evaluation report.

Guidance note for Annual Review

The DRC Planning and Reporting Framework (PRF) includes a requirement of undertaking Annual Reviews (AR) at the (country) programme level. The responsibility for preparing and convening the Annual Review rests with the Programme Manage¬ment and the HQ Head of Desk, with support from the Operations and Policy Sup¬port Unit (OPSU) at DRC HQ.

Overview of Annual Review Components

An overview of annual review components is provided.

DRC Evaluation and Learning Brief Submission Guidelines

This guide presents how to write a DRC Evaluation and Learning Brief in an easy accessible and reader friendly manner. The Evaluation and Learning Brief is a response to the wish and need, which has been expressed by DRC/DDG staff, to have better channels to disseminate learning internally within our organisation, as well as externally.

DRC Tools, Methods and Data Collection Guidance

Tools for Knowledge and Learning: A Guide for Development and Humanitarian Organisations

There are 30 tools and techniques contained in this guide, divided into five categories: i) Strategy Development; ii) Management Techniques; iii) Collaboration Mechanisms; iv) Knowledge Sharing and Learning Processes; and v) Knowledge Capture and Storage.