4: Disseminating Evaluation Findings

The Operation and Policy Support Division in Copenhagen produces Evaluation and Learning Briefs aimed at sharing lessons learned and findings from research and evaluations. If you have an idea for a topic or brief send an email to mel@drc.dk. Please see the guideline on the Evaluation and Learning Briefs, which you will find below. All Evaluation and Learning Briefs are available in both hard and soft copies and can be found at drc.dk.

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DRC Evaluation and Learning Brief Submission Guidelines

This guide presents how to write a DRC Evaluation and Learning Brief in an easy accessible and reader friendly manner. The Evaluation and Learning Brief is a response to the wish and need, which has been expressed by DRC/DDG staff, to have better channels to disseminate learning internally within our organisation, as well as externally.

DRC Guide to Collecting Lessons Learned from Evaluations

The evaluators are to fill out the this template and send it to the Danish Refugee Council M&E Unit in Copenhagen (mel@drc.dk) with the first draft of their evaluation report.