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The second DRC MEL Minimum Operational Procedure states that: DRC operations have adequate and dedicated resources for M&E. In order to comply with this MELMOP you need to ensure that three measures are taken:

  1. A dedicated and trained M&E Focal Point is centrally placed in the operation
  2. Relevant Terms of Reference for the position as M&E Focal Point or similar is developed
  3. Budget lines for M&E are ensured in project proposals

In the People Library you will find all the documents you need to refer to in order to carry out the three measures above. These documents are placed under Relevant DRC MEL Programme Handbook Documents.

Under the remaining headings you find additional relevant information on good practice for building M&E staff capacity and examples from M&E terms of reference from DRC, as well as from other humanitarian organisations.

DRC provides a MEL induction session for all new DRC staff as part of the DRC Induction Training held four times a year in Copenhagen. Also, new DRC M&E focal points should contact the M&E Adviser in Copenhagen on for a formal introduction, over phone or skype, to the DRC MELMOPs and the Evaluation Policy including other M&E activities and procedures.

In addition, in 2015 DRC is piloting an M&E Blended Learning Course together with INTRAC which is delivered remotely, via Skype and Webinars, to M&E staff at country and regional level.

If you think anything is missing or if you have a good guideline or tool to share send it to and we will upload it to the library.

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Relevant DRC MEL Programme Handbook Documents

DRC Guideline on how to budget for M&E

This guideline will help you make a relevant and realistic budget for your M&E functions and activities.

MELMOPs in relation to the Project Cycle

A one page oveview of how M&E is placed in relation to the humanitarian project cycle.

M&E Staff Structure and ToR Guideline

While staffing structure is at the discretion of senior management at country and regional levels, M&E structures involve a variety of important components to consider in order for a country programme to be able to meet DRC MEL objectives. The following guideline outlines recommendations for M&E staff structure both generic and in more detail for small, medium and large country programmes.

Planning and Reporting

DRC Real Time Review Budget Example

Example of a Real Time Review budget.

Example DRC MEL Support Mission ToR

Example of DRC MEL Support Mission ToR.

DRC Checklist for grant kick off meeting

A DRC M&E checklist for preparing for a grant opening meeting.

DRC Agenda for grant kick off meeting

A DRC non - M&E specific agenda for a grant opening meeting.

DRC Guidance note on budgeting for M&E for Danida projects

A DRC Guidance note on budgeting for M&E for Danida projects.

DRC Guidance note on budgeting for M&E for USAID projects

A DRC Guidance note on budgeting for M&E for USAID projects.

DRC MEL Support Mission ToR

DRC Terms of Reference for MEL Support Visit should be used when planning for support from OPSU on MEL.

Logical Frameworks and Indicator Guidance

A short guide on how to develop relevant indicators

A short guide on how to develop relevant indicators for your project and monitoring and evaluation plans. Developed by INTRAC

Guide to using logical frameworks

A Sida guide on how to develop and use logical frameworks for project management.

DRC Tools, Methods and Data Collection Guidance

Key questions to ask before doing M&E!

A simple guide to key quesitons to consider before you start collecting data. Developed by INTRAC

Further Reading

CRS Hiring M&E Staff – Guideline

Guidelines and tools for locating and hiring strong monitoring & evaluation candidates.

Benchmarks for Spending on Evaluations

A report on the spending on evaluations in non profit organisations.

M&E Training Material

DRC M&E Training Course Guide

This Course Guide provides the content covered by the DRC Monitoring and Evaluation Training Course. The Course Guide is designed for use in both ‘Face to face’ and Webinar based training courses and can be adapted by Country Programmes to meet their M&E training needs in consultation with the DRC M&E Advisors. The Training Workbook should be used together with the Training Course Guide.

DRC M&E Training Workbook

In addition to the Training Course Guide there is a Training Workbook. The Workbook contains the questions and exercises the participants will be working through during training. The material includes opportunities to work on your own material, case studies and tips and tricks from experts. It also gives you an opportunity to reflect on specific issues relating to monitoring, evaluation and learning through group work.

DRC MELMOP Training Course Afghanistan

Here are the slides used at the INTRAC/DRC MELMOP Training in Afghanistan.