4: M&E at the Strategic Planning Phase

A key role for the M&E Focal Point is to ensure relevant and measurable indicators and means of verifications in the project proposals written at country level. In addition, it is at the proposal stage that deliberations in regards to evaluations should be considered as well. A monitoring and evaluation plan should be drafted with the proposal and further refined for the kick off / grant opening meeting. Please see the DRC Project Cycle Management guide below as well as tools on indicator development and logframes.

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A short guide on how to develop relevant indicators

A short guide on how to develop relevant indicators for your project and monitoring and evaluation plans. Developed by INTRAC

Key questions to ask before doing M&E!

A simple guide to key quesitons to consider before you start collecting data. Developed by INTRAC

Guide to using logical frameworks

A Sida guide on how to develop and use logical frameworks for project management.

MELMOPs in relation to the Project Cycle

A one page oveview of how M&E is placed in relation to the humanitarian project cycle.