2: M&E Staff Training

It is the responsibility of the country directors that the M&E Focal Point is adequately trained to fulfill the role as M&E Focal Point. DRC offers a number of different M&E Training options. There is a MEL induction session for all new DRC staff, as part of the DRC Induction Training held four times a year in Copenhagen and DRC is currently developing a DRC M&E Blended Learning Training, which can be delivered on-demand and remotely via Skype and Webinars. In addition, new DRC M&E focal points should contact the M&E Adviser in Copenhagen on mel@drc.dk for a formal introduction, over phone or skype, to the DRC MELMOPs and Evaluation Policy including other M&E activities and procedures.

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DRC M&E Training Course Guide

This Course Guide provides the content covered by the DRC Monitoring and Evaluation Training Course. The Course Guide is designed for use in both ‘Face to face’ and Webinar based training courses and can be adapted by Country Programmes to meet their M&E training needs in consultation with the DRC M&E Advisors. The Training Workbook should be used together with the Training Course Guide.

DRC M&E Training Workbook

In addition to the Training Course Guide there is a Training Workbook. The Workbook contains the questions and exercises the participants will be working through during training. The material includes opportunities to work on your own material, case studies and tips and tricks from experts. It also gives you an opportunity to reflect on specific issues relating to monitoring, evaluation and learning through group work.

DRC MELMOP Training Course Afghanistan

Here are the slides used at the INTRAC/DRC MELMOP Training in Afghanistan.

DRC MEL Support Mission ToR

DRC Terms of Reference for MEL Support Visit should be used when planning for support from OPSU on MEL.