3: Developing Monitoring and Evaluation Plans

The Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (MEP) is a tool for planning the internal and external monitoring and reporting requirements of DRC programmes. The MEPs are mandatory requirements in DRC because they can help ensure and document that data for monitoring project progress is collected timely. In the below excel form you will find a generic DRC MEP template.

In addition, the MEP is a key tool in ensuring that relevant data is collected, namely data that is used for a well-defined purpose, and that the necessary tools are in place to enable data collection. Finally, when developing the MEP it should always be considered who will be responsible for the data collection process and analysis of the data.


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DRC MEP Guidance note

As part of rolling out the DRC annual reporting and Planning Framework (ARPF), all DRC programs are required to prepare so-called Monitoring and Evaluation Plans (MEPs). The note below briefly summarizes both key elements and processes associated with MEPs.

DRC Template for Monitoring and Evaluation Plans

A simple template to develop monitoring and evaluation plans for projects.