2: MEL Compliance Self Check is performed bi-annually

The MEL CSC is a self-assessment and reporting tool measuring the level of compliance of a DRC/DDG office with the DRC MEL minimum operational procedures.

The purpose of the CSC is to allow managers in HQ and the field to identify critical non-compliance areas and focus their attention in directions where it is most needed.

Based on simple yes, no, partially, N/A etc. answers for each question a compliance %-score is calculated. The aim for offices should always be to get a score as close to 100% as possible. Thematic areas with low scores will have to be addressed from a risk perspective within a certain time frame.

The MEL team in OPSU will produce a report for all Country Operations. The report will show the overall compliance rate per Operation. The Senior Management Group in HQ will receive the report.

The MEL CSC will be a mandatory exercise from the field every six months, first time in July 2015. The reports will be published within 2 weeks after all CSCs have been received.

The rating coming out of the CSC will be expected to be discussed during the first upcoming revision of the Results Contract.

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MEL CSC Report March 2016

The results of the second MEL Compliance Self Check.

MEL CSC Report October 2016

The results of the 3rd MELMOP Compliance Self-Check


A one page overview of the DRC Minimum Operational Procedures for Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning. The page clarifies actions and responsibilities in relation to the MELMOPs.

MEL Compliance Self Check

This is the template you need to fill in and send to mel@drc.dk when you do the MEL Compliance Self Check.

Fact Sheet on MEL Compliance Self Check

A one pager that gives you a quick introduction to Compliance Self Checks in DRC.

Fiche d’information MEL-SEA

MEL CSC Fact Sheet in French

MEL CSC Report September 2015

The results of the first MEL CSC process presented.