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This is the page where you will find various tools and templates in use in DRC programmes.

If you have an interesting and tested tool that you would like to share, please send it to and we will upload it to this page.

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Monitoring Tools

DRC Djibouti Performance Monitoring Tracker

Similar to the South Sudanese indicator tracking sheet. This tool tries to track indicators in projects as red (not done), yellow (Ongoing) or green (completed) light. It have a graph that can be used by SMT to have a swift look of the project implantation per field offices. For me it would be a tool to strengthen the MEL system as whole, besides the M&E plan.

Lebanon Indicator Performance Tracker Tool

An example from DRC Lebanon on a Indicator Tracking Tool to monitor project progress.

Afghanistan Monitoring Follow Up Sheet

With regard to monitoring tools, we developed a simple tracker for observations from field trips & the follow up process for recommendations; I actually think it’s quite useful, so I’m attaching it as something other countries might use. Hope it’s helpful. Ruta Nimkar, Head of Programme, DRC Afghanistan.

South Sudan Indicator Tracking Tool

A tool to track progress towards project results developed by South Sudan M&E Coordinator Saeed Ahmad. The Indicator Tracking Tool is currently (November 2015) being piloted by Saeed.

Focus Group Discussions

Georgia Focus Group Discussion Questions

During the last two years DRC Georgia have developed quite a few outcome monitoring tools. This is an example of Focus Group Discussion Questions to be used PRE implementation. Below you will find the POST implementation questions. The Tool is developed by Georgia M&E Coordinator Tamar Bolkvadze.

Georgia Focus Group Discussion Questions

Georgia Focus Group Discussion Questions - for POST implementation.

M&E Training Material

DRC M&E Training Course Guide

This Course Guide provides the content covered by the DRC Monitoring and Evaluation Training Course. The Course Guide is designed for use in both ‘Face to face’ and Webinar based training courses and can be adapted by Country Programmes to meet their M&E training needs in consultation with the DRC M&E Advisors. The Training Workbook should be used together with the Training Course Guide.

DRC M&E Training Workbook

In addition to the Training Course Guide there is a Training Workbook. The Workbook contains the questions and exercises the participants will be working through during training. The material includes opportunities to work on your own material, case studies and tips and tricks from experts. It also gives you an opportunity to reflect on specific issues relating to monitoring, evaluation and learning through group work.

DRC MELMOP Training Course Afghanistan

Here are the slides used at the INTRAC/DRC MELMOP Training in Afghanistan.

DDG M&E Tools

DDG M&E Tools

For the time being M&E Tools specific for Danish Demining Group programs is stored on Google Drive here. In early 2016 we will develop a specific page for DDG M&E on the MELMOP site. For more information contact Global M&E Adviser Mikkel Nedergaard or Bodil Jacobsen in DDG.

DDG Impact Monitoring Manual 2012

A introduction to impact and outcome monitoring in mine action and armed violence reduction projects.